Calling All Downton Abbey Fans!

This post is totally frivolous, and directly aimed at my Masterpiece Theater/British-television-loving friends.

I know that many of you (myself included) have been looking at purchasing the individual seasons of Downton Abbey on DVD, or waiting for the full collection of all seasons to come down in price so that you can pick them all up at once. Well, today is your lucky day!

Right now, Amazon has a pre-order sale going on for the full collection – all six seasons, plus Christmas specials – that is going to be released on October 18th.  Woo hoo! I honestly have no idea how long this sale will last, but since it is being released on Tuesday, it probably won’t last past then … hence the reason for this post.

I did some research into this because I wanted to make sure that this was indeed the full collection, and according to what I have read, it is. It is the original UK version that was aired on PBS, so it *should* be the exact series that we have all watched and fallen in love with. ♥

The full set contains all 52 episodes (I checked!) and over 5 hours of brand-new bonus videos that include The Story of Downton Abbey, 7 Character Documentaries, Downton Abbey Creators Favorite Scenes, 9 Supercuts, Great Houses with Julian Fellowes, The Manners of Downton Abbey, and More Manners of Downton Abbey.  Nice!

So, if you are ready to pick up your copy while the price is good, here are the details and links for both the normal DVD and the Blu-Ray versions. I’ve included the original list prices, so you can see your savings, but if you are a Downton fan, I’m sure you have already been watching those prices. LOL

DVD Version
Pre-order Price:  $74.99
List Price: $129.99
You Save: $55.00 (42%)
Pre-order Price Guarantee.

Blu-Ray Version
Pre-order Price:  $89.99
List Price: $149.99
You Save: $60.00 (40%)
Pre-order Price Guarantee.

Now, I do have to say that when I was first introduced to Downton Abbey by some friends of mine, I was a bit shocked during the first couple of episodes. It had some content that wasn’t what I was expecting (no children allowed, please!), and I thought to myself, “My Christian friends recommended this?!” I almost quit watching, but after those few particular scenes, things tapered down to normal, and I just loved the whole series!

For those who haven’t seen it yet, it is a beautiful period drama, that has the ability to take you back in time and let you see how both sides of the household (the family and the servants) lived, worked, and survived during the early 20th century. It contains such lovely scenery and costumes, and I’ve had a hard time finding another show that measures up as of yet. Call the Midwife is running a very close second right now;  I could listen to Vanessa Redgrave’s narration all night long … but I’ll save that for another post.

Happy viewing!


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