Author Spotlight – #1

Over the years, I have had the privilege of meeting and befriending quite a few Christian authors. I have done graphic work for some, I have built websites for some, and I have done book reviews for many.

Today, as I was looking through some books on Amazon, I noticed that some of my friends had books that were on sale in the Kindle version, so I decided to start a little series of blog posts that spotlight different authors that you may like. I will start with my friend Janice, since she is one of my first and longest author friends.  Notice I did not say oldest!

Janice Hanna Thompson

I can’t even remember how I first met Janice (ShoutLife, maybe? lol), but we have come to know one another quite well over the years. I designed her website back in the day, then updated and moved it over to blog format a couple of years later. I am guessing she will probably be ready for another “face lift” to her site soon, but all in good time.

Janice has given me many good writing tips, quite a few giggles (both personally, and through her stories!) and has shipped many, many books to me. I am blessed to call her my friend. ♥

Two of Janice’s books that I absolutely loved were Hurricane and Duty to Die. Believe it or not, they are both on sale right now for 99¢. Lucky you, eh?

While I love a lot of Janice’s cozy mystery books and her wedding series books, Hurricane and Duty to Die had a depth and a realism that really spoke to me. The history in Hurricane was fascinating, and the possible foreshadowing of things to come in Duty to Die left me a little creeped out. LOL Both of them though, are books I would highly recommend, even at full price!

Click book cover to purchase. On sale right now for 99¢!

Click book cover to purchase. On sale right now for 99¢!

Janice writes both fiction and non-fiction, novels to devotions. To check out her wide array of books, visit her Amazon Author Page to see all of her books. Kindle version and traditional books are listed here, just scroll down and choose the link that you prefer to sort them.

Have you read any of Janice’s books before? If so, let me know which was your favorite!

P.S. As always, a reminder to let you know that all prices were correct at the time of the link creation, but please check the price first before you purchase, just so there are no surprises!

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