Angel in the House

Angel in the HouseAngel in the House

– 4 ½ stars!

I happened across this movie, quite by accident, and I am so glad that I did! If you are in the mood for a funny, heartwarming, feel-good movie that the whole family can enjoy, you need to pick up Angel in the House. ♥

If you have Amazon Prime, you can watch it for free, but if not, you can pick up the DVD version. Unfortunately, it isn’t listed on Netflix.  Boooo!

The little boy that played Eli (Maurice Cole) is so adorable. He played his part very well, and he reminded me a bit of Jonathon Lipnicki in his younger years. Too cute!

This was made in the UK, so be prepared for some lovely accents as well!

Here is the official synopsis:

After a toy factory owner and his wife get an unexpected visit from a precocious 7-year-old boy, their world will be turned upside down! When they decide to take him in as a foster child, the new parents begin a miraculous journey that showcases the joys and experiences of a family. Featuring Toni Collette (Little Miss Sunshine) alongside an a-list cast, Angel in the House is a heart-warming tale sure to bring out the child in all of us.

And the trailer:

For those of you who might be thinking of watching this with your kids, I believe this was rated PG. There were 2 swear words in the movie, but they were not vulgar.

Overall, my husband and I thought this was a very sweet, very clean movie. We will be adding it to our DVD collection soon!

Don’t you just love finding little gems out of the blue?

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    February 1, 2016 at 8:00 pm

    This is a great film!

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