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  • Breville Juicer

    The Juice Experiment

    My husband and I recently watched the documentary Fat Sick & Nearly Dead, and we were both pretty amazed by the health benefits juicing seemed to offer. We discussed it that night, and decided we were going to buy a juicer and give it a whirl ourselves. Nothing to lose, right? (Other than unwanted pounds […]

  • f_freedomwriters

    Movie Review: Freedom Writers

    I have had the movie “Freedom Writers” in my Netflix queue for quite some time, and finally sat down to watch it last night. I have to say, it was an incredible movie! It is based on the true story of teacher Erin Gruwell, and how she changed the lives of her high school students. […]

  • f_tcfrenchbread

    Homemade French Bread

    Back on October of 2010, I had posted the recipe I use for French bread. Since then it has been pinned numerous times on Pinterest, but since I archived my old blog, it is now an invalid link. Whoops!  I figured I should probably put it back up here, and see if I can get […]

  • tc_ducklings

    A Duck Story

    We purchased a beautiful new home a little over a year ago. It didn’t take long to discover that we have a plethora of wildlife, as well as many different birds here, including a few different types of ducks. Last year we watched a pair of Mallards waddle across our front lawn daily; they would […]

  • f_5-bread

    Simple, Easy, 5-Ingredient Bread

    I love homemade bread! French bread, sweet bread, dinner rolls … it doesn’t matter. If it is homemade and it is fresh, I love the stuff! For the past couple of years however, I have been limiting my bread intake like crazy. Yes, I still had it now and again, but it is not something […]

  • Day 11

    Life After Death

    So sorry that I am a few days late! We had unexpected company show up this week, so I got behind with my Bible study posts. I’ll try to get them all posted as soon as possible. :) This week, we are studying why the resurrection matters. We hear a lot about Christ’s death, but […]

  • Teecino Tee-Bags

    Organically Delicious … Coffee!!! :)

    There is one vice in my life that I don’t know if I will ever give up: coffee. I ♥ coffee. I ♥ coffee. I ♥ coffee. Did I mention I love coffee? One thing I need to work on though, is watching my caffeine intake. Unfortunately, I despise decaffeinated coffee. It tastes terrible and […]

  • Day 10

    Perfected Through His Sacrifice

    Perfected. That’s not generally a term we use when we think of ourselves. According to Scripture though, that is exactly what Christ calls those who follow Him. How can we possibly be perfect in God’s sight? Only through the blood sacrifice of Jesus! Hebrews 10:11-14 (TLB): Under the old agreement the priests stood before the […]

  • Old Steel Bridge

    The Old Steel Bridge

    I saw a post from Tricia Goyer on Facebook today about a giveaway that she was doing. She said to write a blog post on one of two topics: What’s the most beautiful bridge you’ve ever seen? (or) Share a special kiss (grandma, child, friend, etc.—it doesn’t have to be romantic). This started me thinking […]

  • Day 9

    Remain Steadfast

    Through Christ’s love and sacrifice, we have been sanctified. His blood has set us free! So, what is our responsibility now? What is it that we need to do, in order to claim victory through Jesus? First, we need to accept and believe that Jesus is God’s son, that He died for us, and that […]